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Our history

Founded in 1917

On 1st January 1917, engineer F. Wennström became the owner of Bergvalls Metallgjuteri, a metal foundry. In connection with a move to Folkungagatan in Stockholm, the company was renamed F. Wennströms Gjuteri och Metallfabrik (foundry and metal factory) and specialized in the production of service faucets and metering houses for waterworks.

At the beginning of the ‘60s, the company became a limited company, was renamed and started focusing on fittings for oil companies.

Quite soon, F. Wennström AB was supplying the major oil companies with couplings. In 1964 the company was the driving force during negotiations with the oil companies in Sweden to standardise service station piping, which resulted in a commonly adopted 4” system. This in turn entailed a whole new range of couplings for F. Wennström AB which boosted sales. After an economically difficult period for the company, it was restarted in 1978.

Wådell Invest

In 1984 the company was acquired by Wådell Invest, a privately owned business group (, in Swedish, use Google translate for translation).

Ljungmans road tanker division

A few years later, in 1986, the product range was complemented with PD-meters and gear pumps by securing the Ljungmans road tanker- and gantry division.

Electronics make in-roads into the business

During the late '80s and early '90s Wennstrom recognised that electronics were on the march into the business of petroleum distribution. In order to capitalise on this fact and strengthen the market position of equipment for road tankers further, Wennstrom Electronics was merged into the group in 1990. This led to the development of FlowCheck, our patented electronic gas separator in 1991 and the electronic metering system VolumeCheck.

In 1988 a daughter company was started in Norway with the object of increasing sales to the Norwegian market. This goal has been achieved, especially with the products aimed at service stations. Present focus is on increasing the market share of equipment for road tankers.

Expansion into Finland

Ten years later, in spring of 1998, Tam-Tank Varuste based in Tampere in Finland was bought and became Wennstrom Flow Control Oy. Tam-Tank had for a long time been the leading supplier of mechanical equipment to road tankers and service stations in Finland and the two companies' product ranges complemented one another well.

Represented in Europe and Africa

The expansion into new markets continued resulting in representation in many European countries and in South Africa.

More expansion in Finland via THT

In march 2010 Wennstrom deepened its co-operation with the customer Tampereen Huoltamotekniikka Oy (THT) in Nokia by purchasing 39% of the shares. At the end of June the same year, Wennstrom completed the purchase of THT by acquiring the outstanding shares.

Wennstrom and THT complement one another with Wennstrom in Finland focusing on equipment for petroleum distribution for vehicles and THT on equipment and services for filling stations and other refueling sites and storages.

Succession - Ekelund Invest becomes new owner

In 2012, Wådell Invest was divided into four groups of companies as part of generational succession process. Ekelund Invest, where Kerstin and Ulf Ekelund own 90 %, subsequently became the owner of the Wennstrom group (, in Swedish, use Google translate for translation). Both Kerstin and Ulf had been working within Wådell Invest since the early nineties.

Wennstrom - complete Nordic presence

On 30th December 2013, Wennstrom increased its’ Nordic presence with the acquisition of the Dresser Wayne Sales & Service organizations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from Dreeser Wayne AB. As a result, Wennstrom has become one of the major suppliers of service and maintenance to retail service stations in northern Europe with close to 100 field technicians securing the operations in the four Nordic countries. The companies were renamed Wennstrom Fuel Systems. Wennstrom also became strategic partner of Wayne, representing their comprehensive product range of equipment and solutions for forecourts in the Nordics.

Wennstrom Flow Control in Sweden and Norway continue to focus on product development, and sales of products to builders of road tankers, service stations and refuelling sites.

Breaking new ground

In June 2014, Wennstrom Entreprenad AB was founded in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. The company designs and installs new refuelling sites and refurbishes existing sites.

With the geographic north of Sweden known as Norrland as its' home market, Wennstrom Entreprenad will market products and services to local service station owners, commercial site owners and local industry.

Widened scope

In June 2015, the Wennstrom group widens its’ scope of offerings to include complete wash systems for all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses and trains) by purchasing the company AutoTank A/S in Denmark. The company was renamed Wennstrom Wash Systems. The investment increases the number of employees in Denmark to over 40 and the group now employs more than 200 people.