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About us

Wennstrom was originally founded in 1917 in the small Swedish town of Kungsör as a manufacturer of couplings and valves.

We now supply products, services and maintenance for fuel distribution and refuelling sites in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Our customers store, measure or transport fuels.

The Wennstrom group is established in Sweden (Malmö, Årsta, Kungsör, Göteborg, Örnsköldsvik and Skellefteå), in Norway (Lier), Denmark (Herning and Solrød) and in Finland (Ylöjärvi) and has over 200 employees dedicated to serving the market with the best products, solutions and services available.

Functional products are only one part of a successful ­business relationship. Quick and professional service with the right attitude is also a vital ingredient, which we secure through well-trained and experienced personnel.

This is why Wennstrom can offer intelligent solutions for fuel distribution.


Wennstrom has companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.