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Wennstrom invests in E-sia system web services

On September 1st, Wennstrom acquired the sales rights for E-sia system, a web service for digital hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

  • “E-sia system is a widely used, user-friendly web service for monitoring and following up compliance to laws and certification requirements within a number of different branches. The incorporation of E-sia’s product and staff gives us the advantage of Wennstrom’s larger organisation and resources for developing and marketing E-sia system” comments Morgan Strömberg, Marketing Manager of E-sia System at Wennstrom (former managing director of E-sia AB).

  • “The expansion also enables Wennstrom to offer our customers more comprehensive IT-solutions and services in the future” says Ulf Ekelund, CEO of the Wennstrom group. All existing customers and resellers will continue with present contracts and terms.

E-sia AB has developed E-sia system ( and has expertise in the designing digital templates for control routines in all types of businesses. The web service E-sia system offers digital templates for monitoring and following up compliance to laws and certification requirements for:

  • Management systems according to ISO-standards

  • Work environment

  • Fire prevention

  • Maintenance and service

  • Food safety

  • Continuity plans

  • Crisis plans

For more information, please contact:
Morgan Strömberg, Marketing Manager E-sia system, Wennstrom Flow Control AB, + 46 709 54 91 01
Niklas Ekman, Quality developer E-sia system, Wennstrom Flow Control AB, +46 761 30 39 70
Ulf Ekelund, CEO Wennstrom Group, +46 227-410 40

Wennstrom satsar på webtjänsten E-sia system

Den 1 september 2017 övertog Wennstrom Flow Control AB försäljningsrätten av webbtjänsten ”E-sia system” och därtill hörande tjänster av E-sia AB. E-sia AB har utvecklat och är upphovsrättsinnehavaren av "E-sia system".

  • ”E-sia system” är en lättanvänd webbtjänst för kontroll, övervakning och uppföljning av efterlevnad av lagar och certifieringskrav i nom olika branscher, med ett stort antal användare. Genom att införliva E-sia i Wennstrom kan dess operativa verksamhet dra nytta av Wennstroms storlek och resurser vid utveckling och marknadsföring av ”E-sia system”, säger Morgan Strömberg, Marknadschef E-sia system på Wennstrom (tidigare VD på E-sia AB)

  • Expansionen ger också Wennstrom möjlighet att erbjuda våra kunder bredare och mer övergripande IT-lösningar och tjänster i framtiden, meddelar Ulf Ekelund, koncernchef i Wennstromgruppen. Alla kunder och återförsäljare fortsätter på samma villkor som tidigare.

E-sia AB har utvecklat webbtjänsten "E-sia system"( Utöver bolagets IT-utveckling ligger expertisen i att utforma digitala rutinmallar för kontrollprogram för alla typer av företag. Webbtjänsten ”E-sia system” tillhandahåller digitala verktyg och rutinmallar för kontroll, övervakning och uppföljning av efterlevnad av olika lagar och certifieringskrav, såsom:

    • Olika ISO-standarder

    • Miljökontroll

    • Arbetsmiljökontroll

    • Brandskyddskontroll

    • Underhållskontroll

    • Service kontroll

    • Kontroll av livsmedelssäkerhet

    • Kontinuitetsplaner

    • Krisplaner

För ytterligare information kontakta:
Morgan Strömberg, Marknadschef E-sia system, Wennstrom Flow Control AB, mob. + 46 709 54 91 01
Niklas Ekman, Kvalitetsutvecklare E-sia system, Wennstrom Flow Control AB, mob. +46 761 30 39 70
Ulf Ekelund, koncernchef, Wennstromgruppen,
tel. +46 227-410 40


Wennstrom expands in Finland / Wennstrom laajenee Suomessa

Dear customer and partner

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy and Mittariala Oy are joining forces starting June 1st 2017. Our operations towards customers will effectively remain the same, only continue under the name of Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy.

With this step, we further develop our business and strengthen our organization. At the same time, we improve our ability to serve customers with the best expertise and our flexible way of working. Our operations will continue as they are in Ylöjärvi and Yläne. Wennstrom Fuel Systems’ office at Vantaa will be relocated to Mittariala premises in Nurmijärvi.

Our contact information remains unchanged. We hope our co-operation may continue and develop further and we are certain that our ability to serve our customers will continue to improve.

Mittariala Oy has been working with installations and service mainly in southern Finland since 1980’s. Their speciality covers installation of tanks and piping works at service stations as well as installation and maintenance of fuel dispensers, payment terminals and other fuel handling equipment. Mittariala are well-known service provider to oil companies and independent fuel retailers.

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy represents Wayne and provides services to several oil companies nationwide. It is part of the Wennstrom group with 200 employees that provide service to more than 4.000 service stations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Arvoisa asiakas ja yhteistyökumppani

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy ja Mittariala Oy yhdistävät voimansa 1.6.2017 alkaen. Asiakkaitamme kohtaan toimintamme jatkuu käytännössä muuttumattomana Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy:n nimissä.

Tehdyllä järjestelyllä vahvennamme organisaatiotamme ja kehitämme toimintaamme edelleen. Samalla parannamme kykyämme palvella asiakkaitamme parhaalla asiantuntemuksella ja joustavalla toimintatavalla kuten tähänkin asti. Toimintamme jatkuu muuttumattomana Ylöjärvellä ja Yläneellä. Wennstrom Fuel Systemsin Vantaan toimipiste muuttaa Mittarialan toimitiloihin Nurmijärvelle.

Yhteystietomme säilyvät muuttumattomana. Toivomme, että yhteistyömme voi jatkua ja kehittyä edelleen ja olemme varmoja, että kykymme palvella asiakkaitamme parantuu entisestään.

Mittariala Oy on toiminut 1980-luvulta lähtien jakeluasemien asennus- ja kunnossapitotoiminnassa. Mittarialan laaja osaaminen kattaa mm. säiliöasennukset sekä putkitustyöt ja jakelulaitteiden, maksupäätteiden sekä muiden polttonesteen käsittelyyn liittyvien laitteiden asennuksen ja kunnossapidon. Mittariala on tunnettu palveluntarjoaja öljy-yhtiöille ja itsenäisille polttonestekauppiaille.

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy edustaa Wayne –jakelulaitteita ja maksupäätteitä sekä toimittaa asennus- ja kunnossapitopalveluita useille öljy-yhtiöille maanlaajuisesti. Yhtiö kuuluu Wennstrom –konserniin, joka tarjoaa kunnossapitopalveluja yli 4000:lle jakeluasemalle Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Norjassa ja Tanskassa yli 200 henkilön voimin.

Parhain yhteistyöterveisin / Looking forward to our co-operaton and with our best regards,

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy
Otto Valtonen, 040-312 20 26

Mittariala Oy
Timo Tallberg, 0400-45 02 52


Stella - Latest verion of Dealex

Wennstrom has installed yet another Dealex system, this time for Isachsen Gruppen AS in Norway. In addition to Stella, the latest version of Dealex, the site is also equipped with Wayne’s Helix dispensers and new tanks for diesel and AdBlue.

Technicians from Wennstrom Norway received a update training course covering the new features of Dealex version Stella from colleagues in Finland. Thereafter they performed the installation and configuration on site.


New name, same service

Wennstrom Fuel Systems AB has since September 2015 taken over the service business from Nordisk Mätarekontroll  AB. Calibration and control assignments will be performed by NMK as previously.

The service-related operations will continue as before but under the name of Wennstrom Fuel Systems AB.

This includes:

• Sales and service of flow meters and measurement equipment.

• Sales and service of measurement equipment for terminals.

• Sales of reconditioned flow meters.

• Sales, installation and service of tank truck equipment.

• Pressure testing of tank trucks.

Contact service and sales:
Richard Olsson, e-post, +46 708-32 60 32.

Information in Swedish>



Weekend training in Son 30th January

On the 30th of January, Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS gathered the staff for a training and information session. In order to maintain our service commitments, the gathering took place on Saturday. 

During the first part of the day, HSE and Quality Manager, Malik Dilnawaz, went through regulations and routines for maintaining Health, Safety and Environment standards required in our business. He was followed up by Service Manager Ketil Solstad who focused on knowledge sharing and how to improve our service quality and response time.

A product information/training session handled Fusion, the forecourt automation server from Wayne, contactless payment and Wennstrom products.

Finally, there was an introduction to the new business software that will be commonly implemented in the Wennstrom group. When choosing the system, focus has been on supporting our service technicians with specific order information on up-to-date devices, automating the flow of information, thereby increasing its’ accuracy. 



Wennstrom expands in Denmark

On June 16th, the Danish company AutoTank became part of the Wennstrom group.

AutoTank has represented Christ Wash Systems on the Danish market since 1990. The company has built up a comprehensive service organisation for the wash systems covering all of Denmark and stocks all necessary spare and wear parts. An important addition to the portfolio the last couple of years have been the efficient and environment friendly wash chemicals developed by Dr. Stöcker GmbH & Co. KG.

AutoTank will continue to offer complete wash solutions for cars, buses, trucks and trains in Denmark.
AutoTank also offers price sign systems, video surveillance, tank gauging systems as well as project management and installation of the same. And customized service contracts to maintain high reliability and up-time for the customers.

AutoTank will become a sister company to Wennstrom Fuel Systems A/S who represent Wayne products and offer service contracts to major oil companies present on the Danish market. Together the companies will have 20 field technicians supported by as many support and sales personnel and project leaders and able to offer the following:

• Petrol, diesel and AdBlue dispensers
• EMV approved payment terminals
• Forecourt controllers
• POS systems
• Wash systems and chemicals
• Automatic Tank Gauging systems
• Video surveillance systems
• Plus complete service agreements for the above

Wennstrom Fuel Systems A/S and Autotank A/S have worked together with common customers for many years and therefore know one another well. The increased cooperation will benefit existing and new customers.

For more information, please contact Mads Pedersen, managing director of AutoTank A/S and Wennstrom Fuel Systems A/S.



Refuelling at Norwegian marina

Wennstrom in Norway has just completed the installation of a new refuelling site at Joker Hasselvika Marina in Rissa. The floating dock is 40 m long and 8 - 10 m wide, 5 m deep with a 20 m long gangway, and weighs over one thousand tons!

The 2” plastic suction pipes are approximately 40 m long and installed with an anti-siphon valve. The dispenser is fed via 10m 1 ½” plastic pipe and 35 m 1 ½” steel pipe. Petrol is dispensed via a 12 m long ¾” hose at 36 lpm, diesel via a 10m long 1” hose at 55 lpm!

Wennstrom has delivered and installed the hose reels complete with hoses, piping and valves, a Wayne Global Century dispenser and Wayne’s iX Pay secure payment platform.



Well-attended training course in plastic pipe welding

As distributor and local competence centre for products manufactured by Franklin Fueling Systems, Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS in Lier (Norway) hosted a training and certification course for contractors.

Mark Whitley, head of customer training at Franklin Fueling Systems EMEA, led the participants through the required steps. The course resulted in the certification of NET, Sauro Rørmontasje, A.K. Granheim and staff from Statoil Fuel & Retail’s technical department, enabling them to install UPP piping for Statoil. The day after, engineers from Statoil and contractors reconvened in Wennstrom’s facilities to discuss the new Statoil specifications for service stations.


Helix training completed!

An increasing number of the dispensers sold today are of the new Helix model from Wayne. The Wayne Helix series fuel dispenser is a global family of products with all models sharing the same design language - a “Wayne DNA”. Wayne designed and engineered the entire Helix dispenser family on a single global platform which emphasizes intelligent design, transaction security and advanced technology.

Employees of Wennstrom therefore attended the training course given by Wayne to further enhance local competence in the Helix range.

From the left Jan-Erik Pantzer (Sweden), Roger Karlsen (Norway), Kjetil Asphaug (Norway), David Dittmann (Norway), Stig Kraggerud (Norway), Mikael Venalainen (Finland), Ville Varjonen (Finland) and Safet Obradovac (Sweden).


New service station at Vaasa Airport, Finland

Vaasa Airport plays an important role as a Finnish inland airport feeding passengers and freight to Helsinki for international long distance flights. There are also international charter flights and direct connections from Vaasa to Sweden (More facts about Vaasa Airport:

Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy has designed, constructed, installed and commissioned the complete refuelling site. The modular design has enabled Wennstrom to complete large parts of the work in their Ylöjärvi plant. Finavia, who owns the airport, has performed the ground and platform work. Finavia headquarters can manage and monitor the refuelling site remotely.

The new service station allows easy, reliable and environment friendly refuelling of airport vehicles performing the tasks of ground handling, emergencies and service. It also enables civil aviation refueling and simultaneous refuelling of long vehicle combinations like snowplows.

The station serves multiple operators, authorities and service companies at the airport via the automated fuel delivery and management system. The Dealex OPT identifies vehicles and users via smart keys before fueling, facilitating monitoring of fuel consumption. The on-site fuel reconciliation process monitors and accounts for every liter of fuel. A difference discovered in the calculation immediately creates an alarm indicating possible fuel loss or leaks.

The solution has been designed in co-operation with local environmental authorities and Finavia, the Finnish airport operator to minimize any risk of negative environmental impact. The tanks and pipes are double-walled with monitoring of the interstitial spaces. All refuelling takes place on a special concrete platform, which is drained to a monitored oil-water separator. To further enhance the environmental safety of the site, an HDPE membrane insulates the concrete platform from the ground.

The site was commissioned in December 2014.


Changes in Wennstrom Flow Control AS in Norway

Since last year's acquisition of Wayne Sales & Services, Wennstrom has had two companies in Norway. We have now moved the operations of the smaller Wennstrom Flow Control AS to the larger Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS in Lier. Roger Karlsen has been employed by Wennstrom Fuel Systems and will continue to be contact person for our customers.

Support for our vehicle systems remains the same i.e. with our helpdesk in Kungsör, Sweden.


Wennstrom Entreprenad AB - new company in northern Sweden

Wennstrom Entreprenad AB is a newly started company in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. The company constructs, builds and supplies complete new refuelling sites and also redevelopes existing sites.

With the geographic north of Sweden known as Norrland as its' home market, Wennstrom Entreprenad will market products and services to local service station owners, commercial site owners and local industry.

All type of work at or around a refuelling site is of interest. It could be anything from assisting with permits and classification plans, uppgrading pipework and tanks to installing new dispensers.

Please follow the link for more information.


The practical use of EHS training and routines

On a routine job at a service station, field technician Roar Fjeldstad of Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS spotted a truck in a roundabout. He noticed that smoke was coming out of the engine compartment within 2-3 seconds he heard an explosion and witnessed the engine burst into fire.

The truck was at that moment on a main road (E18) and not on the service station property. Roar and his colleague Håkon Ørnfjord both decided to assist and ran over to the truck. They managed to put the fire out with their fire extinguishers, thereby preventing the entire truck from being set on fire. They proceeded to assist in securing the area by diverting the traffic away from danger zone.

Shortly after the situation was under control, the fire brigade and the police arrived. On inspection, the fire brigade discovered that the truck was loaded with wood chips. If this load had been ignited, it would have taken the fire brigade several hours to get the fire under control.

Both technicians will receive recognition for their action and excellent EHS-attitude. The efficiency shown is due to mandatory training of the field technicians in the EHS program implemented by Wennstrom Fuel Systems.


Wennstrom Fuel System Oy
- Achiever 2014 in Finland

Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of Kauppalehti Oy, grants Achiever status to Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy for it's financial performance.

Companies receiving Achiever certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to continued operation.

A comparison of these key indicators has put Wennstrom Fuel Systems Oy in the top tier of it's own industry and the entire country of Finland. The comparison was made on the basis of financal statement data from August 2013.

Certificate in english> or in swedish>


Helix dispensers now in Norway

At the beginning of February, Wennstrom Fuel Systems AS installed Wayne’s new pump series, Helix, at YX site in Reinsvoll in Norway.

In total, five dispensers were commissioned, of which four were Helix 4000 and one was a Helix 2000. Two of the pumps had integrated card readers. The Helix 2000 is a 130 - 40 combined high speed and normal delivery model. All pumps were supplied with the Wayne ATC system that enables delivery of automatically temperature compensated fuel volumes. The installation went very smoothly and it was a proud retailer that opened his site with one of the most modern fuel dispensers in Scandinavia.

The Helix pump series is the latest dispenser family developed by Wayne and will gradually replace existing models and the Helix 1000, 2000, 4000 and 5000 are all available for delivery. Helix 1000 and 2000 replace Global Century, whilst Helix 4000 and 5000 replace Ovation and H-Style. The Helix 6000 will be introduced later this year to replace the popular Global Star model. Please contact us if you require more information.


Wennstrom expands!

On 30th December, Wennstrom continues its’ expansion in the Nordics with the acquisition of the sales and service organizations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from Wayne, A GE Energy Business. Wayne has earlier converted all of its direct service facilities in the US and several others in Europe into sales, distribution, and service partnerships.

“This is a great opportunity for us at Wennstrom to grow on our home market. The combination of local service and support with a pan-Nordic organization makes us a strong and competent partner in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Together with Wayne and their comprehensive product range, the outlook is good.” – Ulf Ekelund, Managing Director Wennstrom.

The companies will operate under the name Wennstrom Fuel Systems, further underlining the commitment to the business of fuel distribution.

For Wennstrom Flow Control in Sweden and Norway the focus will remain on product development, and sales of products to builders of road tankers, service stations and refuelling sites.



Wennstrom THT exhibited at the EuroMining fair in Tampere (Finland) on September 11th-12th.

Our customers and partners were particularly interested in the Automatic Vehicle Identification system (AVI) which automates and simplifies the refuelling process. The primary target for the system is heavy traffic where the AVI system can replace credit cards, shorten the refuelling time for the driver and increase transaction security for both the oil company and its’ customer.

In addition to this, the Dealex terminal for commercial sites also caught the interest of many. AN ideal customer would be mining company with its own fleet of vehicles that can be handled efficiently and cost-effectively via the Dealex terminal (which also controls the dispensers).

We wish to thank all new and existing customers who visited our stand! We hope to see you again soon!


New Sales Manager

In autumn 2012, Wennstrom THT expanded the management and sales team with Otto Valtonen.

Otto has a long history within the service station retail business working with business development and operations management. His first challenge at Wennstrom has been to take care of the product range of dispensers from Wayne.


Wennstrom THT expands!

In order to offer quick service and maintenance to our customers in the Helsinki area, Wennstrom THT has opened a branch office in the Kelatie Industrial Estate in Vantaa. It contains a small stock and offers possibilities for repairs and is the base for our experienced service technician.

For more information, contact Wennstrom THT.



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