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Foot valves

Bottom loading has fast become standard in Europe and many other countries. The foot valves can be balanced or unbalanced, requirements differ from market to market and are pneumatically operated. Each foot valve is pneumatically connected in sequence to the pressure/vacuum valve on that compartment. Talking points are reliability and serviceability.

Versions of the foot valves Item no.
R-100 pneumatic for bottom loading LAP
R-100 mechanical for bottom loading LAM
R-100 pneumatic for top loading LYP
R-100 mechanical for top loading LYM
R-100 pneumatic for top loading of bitumen and heavy oil LYPpiki
TT100 high L-model, pneumatic for bottom loading T-T100PVL
TT100 T-model, pneumatic for bottom loading T-T100PVLT
TT100 low L-model, pneumatic for bottom loading T-T100PVLM
TT100 medium high L-model, pneumatic for bottom loading T-T100PVL2

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Vapour recovery valves

Pressure/vacuum valve for vapour recovery

When bottom loading, it is vital to open the compartment sequentially ahead of the foot valve in order to allow air/vapours out as the product enters the compartment. In order to follow the VOC directive it is necessary to collect the vapours and return them to the gantry. At the same time, each compartment must be secured against ignition by a flame arrester.

Also during transport and discharge the compartment must be able to “breath” so the pressureless tank remains without overpressure and vacuum.

A pressure/vacuum vapour recovery valve with an integrated flame arrester will solve all of the issues above and this is what we can offer.

Versions of the pr/va vapour recovery valve Item no.
With integrated flame arrester 02-3558

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Ball valves

Stop or two-way valve, three sizes, five different flanges, manually or pneumatically operated in combination with many other features makes Gard ball valves the ideal choice for any petroleum installation. High flow rate and low contamination
The stop valve ball is manufactured with a straight bore to minimise flow resistance and product residues, an important feature that reduces contamination of sensitive products.

Highest quality
Carefully designed and well tested in combination with only the best materials and high precision manufacturing ensures a long lasting and trouble free life.

The Gard Ball Valve
The Gard Ball Valves are manufactured in three sizes 2-, 3- and 4-inch and each size is available with different flanges or combination of flanges. The valve can be manually operated or fitted with a pneumatic acturator.

The stop valve is normally delivered with a chromium plated brass ball with a straight bore to minimise flow resistance and contimination. This valve can also be ordered with a tefol coated aluminium ball for jet fuel installations. The two-way valve comes with a teflon coated aluminium ball.

Both valve casings are made from extruded aluminium. The stem assembly is made of brass and all steam seals can be serviced without removing the valve. All seals are made of teflon or high quality FPM to withstand all commercial petroleum fuel grades.

There are five different flanges available in steel and aluminium. The same flanges are used for the stop valve as for the two-way valve with the exception of the two-way valve inlet that in some cases requires an adaptor piece. The threaded
holes on the TW-flange are lined with helicoil inserts, M10 for the 3-inch valve and M12 for the 4-inch. The 4-inch aluminium flange is only for welding.

Fitted between the solenoid valve and the actuator this extra pneumatic outlet provides a simultaneous link to other pneumatically controlled equipment.

Service friendly
When removing the flanges for service or installation the ball and the main seals are kept in place by the retainer ring that locks to the valve casing with a bayonet catch - much appreciated time saving design. The handle and stem unit can easily be removed for service without dismantling any other
parts of the valve.

Versions of the 2” ball valve Item no. 2"
Stop valve c/w steel welding flanges 422
Stop valve c/w aluminium welding flanges 423

Versions of 3” and 4” ball valves Item no. 3" Item no. 4"
Stop valve w/o flanges 430 440
Stop valve c/w steel welding flanges 432 442
Stop valve c/w aluminium welding flanges 433 443
Stop valve c/w TW1-flanges 434 444
Redirectional valve w/o flanges 4530 4540
Redirectional valve c/w steel welding flanges 4532 4542
Redirectional valve c/w TW1-flanges 4534 4544

Accessories for ball valves Prefix
Pneumatic actuator, double acting PK
Pneumatic actuator, double acting with spring return PKF
Pneumatic actuator, double acting with spring return and 24-volt solenoid valve PKRF
Pneumatic actuator, double acting with pneumatic 5/2-valve PKP
Stop valve with special pneumatic output for FlowCheck FCV
Aluminium flange, male G3 outlet 11-3349
Aluminium welding flange 260317
Anodized aluminium flange, female G3 11-3282E
Stainless steel welding flange 15657

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Sampling valve

The Wennstrom sampling valve is similar to a normal foot valve with an important exception: no loading is carried out through the valve. There are two versions; one is pneumatically controlled, the other is opened via a wire.

Dimensions: DN20

Versions of the sampling valve Item no.
R-20 LYP pneumatic 16-3069
R-20 LYM mechanical 16-3070











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Foot valves

High L-model (item no. T-T100PVL) and high T-model (item no. T-T100PVLT).

Low L-model (Item no. T-T100PVLM).

Foot valves

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Vapour recovery valves

Pressure/vacuum vapour recovery valve with integrated flame arrester (item no. 02-3558).




Vapour recovery valves

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Vapour recovery valves


The pressure/vacuum vapour recovery valve 02-3558 is approved and certified as a flame arrester for explosion group IIA+E85 in accordance to EN 16852 – Flame arresters – Performance, requirements, test methods and limits for use.




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Ball valves

Redirectional valve with handle (item no. 4532 and 4534).

Stop valve with pneumatic actuator (item no. FCV100 and PKP444).

Stop valve with handle (item no. 444).

Aluminium welding flanges (itemno. 11-3349 and 260317).

Aluminium flange with female G3 (item no. 11-3282E) and stainless steel welding flange (item no.15657).

Special flange with inset bolt.

Ball valves

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Ball valves
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Sampling valve

Pneumatic and mechanical sampling valves (item no. 16-3069 and 16-3070).



Sampling valves

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