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- Electronic gas separator
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Patented electronic gas separator
FlowCheck continuously monitors the presence of gas in a delivery of petroleum products from road tankers with volumetric meters. Upon discovery of gas, the delivery is immediately stopped and gas separation commences automatically through a pneumatically controlled degassing unit.

Fast and accurate deliveries
FlowCheck is approved to MID and OIML R117 standards up to a flow rate of 1300 litres per minute. The exceptionally low pressure drop of FlowCheck allows a substantially higher flow rate, with retained measurement accuracy, compared with traditional gas extractors thus making the actual discharge time much shorter.

No product contamination
FlowCheck is designed to be completely empty after delivery, leaving no residues, thereby avoiding contamination.

Widely spread
The first version of FlowCheck was introduced in the Swedish market in 1991. Since then the development of the product in terms of functionality and simplification of installation has made it popular and widely spread. There are now more than 3000 installations of FlowCheck on road tankers in many countries in Europe and Africa.

FlowCheck can be installed together with traditional PD-meters but it´s laminar flow makes it specially suitable for turbine meters. The sensor can be integrated with electrical metering systems thereby offering features like pre-set and interlock. The programmable logic of the sensor can be upgraded to satisfy future changes in regulations and demands. Another possibility is to apply the FlowCheck principle on other non-conductive liquids.

Logically controlled outputs
FlowCheck enables up to three different outputs to be logically controlled by the sensor giving possibilities of simplifying the total installation of a metering kit.

Basic features
• No moving parts
• Insensitive to dirt
• Low weight
• Small dimensions give a neat and simple installation
• Negligible contamination
• Negligible pressure drop resulting in quick and economical    deliveries
• A delivery can easily be started regardless of compartment    levels
• Can be integrated with the meter volume pre-set function
• Quick-start feature enabling fast filling of empty pipe system
• Enables conditional or logical control of a delivery pump or a    vacuum breaker
• Eliminates the need for an ”aircheck” valve after the meter    since an empty FlowCheck sensor will keep the stop valve    closed
• Full pump meter after delivery
• Allows full or empty gravity meter after delivery
• Can react to diffused air in the delivery (foam detect)
• Works with petroleum-based products
• Environmentally sound since it can be installed as a closed    system (VOC)
• Intrinsically safe and Ex-approved

Working principle
The sensor (FCS) monitors the product flow ahead of the meter and if any gas is detected it will close the pneumatic ball valve (FCV), fitted after the meter. Gas will then be led through the riser tube to the degassing unit, (FCAU). When the sensor activates degassing it also opens the degassing unit and the system pressure will push gas out of the unit. The gas can be led to the vapour return system or via a by-pass to the outlet of the delivery hose.

Versions of the FlowCheck sensor Item no.
FlowCheck sensor, 1 SV output FCS11
FlowCheck sensor, 3 SV output FCS13
FlowCheck sensor, 1 SV w/o FIK FCS21
FlowCheck sensor, 3 SV w/o FIK FCS23
Logic versions & accessories for the FlowCheck sensor Item no.
Logic pump ctrl & quick start FCL11
Logic vacuum breaker FCL12
Logic back flush FCL42R
Solenoid valve for FCS13 FCSV
Solenoid valves for FCS13 FCSV2-3

Degassing unit for FlowCheck Item no.
Degassing unit FCAU2
Accessory for the degassing unit Item no.
Inlet/exhaust valve DN20 FCV20

Stop valves Text Facts
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FlowCheck sensor (Item no. FCS11).

FlowCheck degassing unit (Item no. FCAU2).


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FlowCheck is approved and certified in accordance to the ATEX Directive (VTT03 ATEX072X). It also holds MID Evaluation Certificate no. TC7272 for a gas separator issued by NMI in Holland as well as a ”Pattern Approval of Gas Separation Device” based on OIMLR117 issued by Ministerie Van Economische Zaken in Belgium.