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Loading couplings

Wennstrom offers two types of loading couplings: API and 3” dry break couplings. The latter are used for loading on the Swedish market only.

Flat bottom
Wennstrom has also developed a special flat bottom API loading coupling to meet the requirement of a completely empty coupling after discharge. The couplings can be equipped with or without sight glasses and handles.

For really tight places we have an extra short API coupling with a brass ring to avoid friction between the aluminium coupling on the loading arm and the aluminium coupling on the road tanker.

For special markets
The 3” dry break coupling can be ordered in two versions; the traditional straight coupling or our new leaning coupling that has been developed to facilitate connection of the loading hose for the drivers.

We also offer pressure resistant covers (up to 6bar) for our couplings.

Versions of loading couplings Item no.
API100, flat bottom, 170 mm w handle, sight glass 06-2236
API100, extra short, 125 mm 06-4313
Dry break coupling, leaning, with TW3 flange 270103
Dry break coupling, with TW3 flange 270102

Accessories for loading couplings Item no.
ADR cover, API100, aluminium, with company logo 06-4313K
ADR cover, API100, plastic, without company logo 1004DC
ADR cover for Dry break coupling 26-3328
Adaptor for unloading, API100/camlock 3” 784245
Adaptor for unloading, API100/R4” with handle 784235
Adaptor for unloading, API100/R4” 784200

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Emergency drain valve

When an accident has occurred with a road tanker it is important to be able to remove all explosive and inflammable products safely and quickly. The emergency drain valve enables this.

With hose
Mounted in the manhole cover, it gives each compartment a 2” kamlock coupling that emergency services can connect to. Should the road tanker be overturned on its’ side, the hose will still be dipped into the product and the compartment will be emptied so much that the manhole cover can be removed without spillage.

Versions of emergency drain valve Item no.
Emergency drain valve with cap 10-3643

Accessories for emergency drain valve Item no.
2" kamlock adapter 10-3640

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Loading couplings

API couplings (Item no. 06-4313 and 06-2236) for bottom loading and unloading through adapter.

Cover of aluminium with company logo (Item no. 06-4313K) or plastic without logo (Item no. 1004DC) for APT couplings.

Dry break coupling, straight (Item no.270102) or leaning (Item no. 270103), with TW3 flange.

Cover of aluminium to Dry break coupling (Item no. 26-3328).

Adaptors for unloading (Item no.784245, 784235 and 784200).

Loading couplings

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Loading couplings






























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Emergency drain valve

Emergency drain valve (item no. 10-3643), cap included.

Emergency drain valve

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